General questions about iText (iText 7)

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Java - Maven Take the iText code out of your project. Run the Maven command mvn dependency:purge-local-repository -DreResolve=false . Take the iText dependencies out of your pom.xml . Reference: .NET - NuGet Take the iText code out of your project. Run the NuGet Package Manager command Uninstall-Package itext7 -RemoveDependencies . Reference:...
I want to store 2 strings ( string1 and string2 ) as a custom entry (key and value) that is stored inside the PDF in the custom property area. You can find this custom property area under File > Properties > Custom > Custom properties in Adobe Reader, where you can find "Name" and "Value" in pairs. I want to store string1 in the "Value" and store string2 in the "Name". Later, I want to retrieve/delete the strings in the custom property area.
I get an error after running mvn install -P all -e to compile and install iText. I've also done mvn clean on before hand. The error says: testFlatteningGenerateAppearances2(com.itextpdf.text.pdf.FlatteningTest): Path to GhostScript is not specified. Please use -DgsExec
During development testing, I'd prefer to create uncompressed, non-binary PDF files with iTextSharp so that I can check their internals easily. I can always convert the finished PDF with various utilities but that takes an extra step that would be comfortable to avoid. There are some places (e.g. PdfImage ) where I can decide about compression level but I couldn't find anything about the compression used to output the individual PDF objects into the stream. Do you think this is possible with iTextSharp?
I'm generating a PDF document with iTextSharp. This document must have only one page. In other words the content must fit the page size. Is it possible to achieve this with iTextSharp?
I want to set the text alignment to justified, but I don't want iText to add any extra space between the characters. I prefer space between words.
I want to encrypt my PDF but there seems to be an error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/bouncycastle/asn1/ASN1Encodable
I need to create simple receipts which contain user details such as a name, a fare and a number. Whenever a new user inputs data in the main form, my code just overwrites the data of the first user in the PDF file. How can I avoid this?
I use the response.getOutputStream to create an output PDF file immediately. However, I get the following error: getOutputStream() has already been called for this response
I generate an PDF file with iText in Java. My table columns have fixed widths. Text that is too long for one line is wrapped in the cell. But hyphenation is not used.