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Blockchain for Documents

Blockchain for PDF Documents

A solution to secured invoices and digital signatures in PDF documents.

You have sent out some contracts in PDF to your clients and would like to be able to track real time who has already signed the document, and with whom it is now.
You've paid a digital invoice of your supplier, and afterwards it seemed to be fake - you were a victim of invoicing fraud.
These issues and many more can now be solved by Blockchain. This eBook focuses on how you can use Blockchain in combination with PDFs to write applications.

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Discover more about blockchain technology integrated in iText 7

e-book pdfHTML

iText 7: Converting HTML to PDF with pdfHTML

Use HTML and CSS to create templates for your PDF files.

In this book, we'll learn how to use the iText 7 add-on pdfHTML.

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E-book iText jump start

iText 7 Jump-Start Tutorial

iText 7 is here! Our jump-start tutorial is an essential reading companion that allows you to jump right in and appreciate iText 7's innovations, improved logic and more far-reaching power.

It covers iText 7's basic building blocks, how to add low-level content, using renderers and handlers, making PDFs interactive and creating PDF/A and PDF/UA documents, among other topics.

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E-book building blocks

iText 7: Building Blocks

In this iText 7 tutorial, you'll be introduced to all the building blocks that allow you to create a PDF document from scratch.

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Ebook Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures for PDF Documents

Learn all you need to know about digital signatures, for making the right technology decisions and implementing a future-proof PDF solution.

Get a complete overview of PDF features, industry standards and technology options with regards to digital signature, as well as in-depth best practices, real-life examples and code samples for PDF development.

Please note that some information in this book may be obsolete with the May 2016 release of iText 7.

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E-book ZUGFeRD

ZUGFeRD: The Future of Invoicing

Did you know that there's a standard for invoices?

The ZUGFeRD specification makes processing invoices much easier by combining standards from the EDI world (e.g. Cross Industry Invoice or CII) with the PDF/A-3 standard.

This book explains how to create ZUGFeRD- compliant invoices step by step.

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E-book Stackoverflow questions

The Best iText Questions on Stack Overflow

This book bundles hundreds of questions about iText posted by developers on Stack Overflow.

The answers are organized in categories which allows you to get a fair idea of the functionality available in iText.

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E-book iText in Action

iText in Action - Second Edition

The Second Edition of 'iText in Action' was published in 2010.

Some of the examples are outdated, especially with the May 2016 release of iText 7, but the book is still useful to understand what PDF and iText are about.

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Ebook ABC of PDF

The ABC of PDF with iText

PDF Syntax essentials. This book is a vademecum for other iText books such as the iText 7: Jump-Start Tutorial and iText 7: Building Blocks.

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