Absolute positioning of lines and shapes (iText 5)

You can draw lines and shapes at absolute positions using low-level methods. Would you like to have these reference answers available to you at any time? Consider downloading the entire book 'The Best iText Questions on StackOverflow' for free!

I am trying to draw a vertical gradient at the bottom of an iTextSharp pdf document.
I am using PdfStamper 's getOverContent() method to add an image to a PDF file using an AffineTransform instance. When I open the resulting PDF, I can't see any image.
I have a PdfTemplate and I want to clip its shape to a specific path. I know how to do this, but the clipping line is always the same (probably 1 px) and I want to be able to change it. Is there any way to do this?
I have the following code : PdfContentByte canvas = writer.getDirectContent(); BaseColor bColor = new BaseColor(0xFF, 0xD0, 0x00); canvas.setColorFill(bColor); canvas.fill(); canvas.rectangle(rect.getLeft(), rect.getBottom() - 1.5f, rect.getWidth(), rect.getHeight()); canvas.stroke(); But the fill color seems to be ignored. What am I doing wrong?
Is it possible to have a roundRectangle() with no border? I create rounded rectangles and rectangles with border sizes of 0f and 1f . For the rounded rectangles there is still a visible border when the line width is set to 0f , but this is not true for a rectangle with a border of >f .
Why am I not able to add border to my PDF page?
I am using absolute positioning when writing text in a PDF document using iTextSharp. It only have a single BaseFont instance for a regular font and there is no Bold version of that font. I read in a post that this was an alternative way to set the font to bold: change the rendering mode and the line width. That works, but creates another problem. I don't know how to set these parameters back to my old default (non-bolded font).
I'm creating a PDF where I add some text to each page as well as 2 lines. On one specific page, there's a table where I change the background color of a cell. I now get the cell with the background color I specified (grey), but the lines also change from black to grey.
I draw an equilateral triangle and I wish to add a multi color gradient in this shape i.e. fill it with shading comprising of BaseColor.PINK and BaseColor.BLUE .
Could anyone please provide me a sample program that can dynamically create a grid or even dots starting at (0,0) at bottom left corner on a PDF of page size "Letter" (max X = 8.5 Inches; max Y = 11 Inches)?