Absolute positioning of text (iText 7)

I want to put a check mark using Zapfdingbats on a specific location in my PDF document. What I achieved so far is this: I can show the check mark but it's on the side of the document and not on the specific X, Y coordinate that I want it to be.
I'm dealing with a situation where I have a Phrase added to a ColumnText object. The title in black is where iText is placing the text of the Phrase within the ColumnText . The title in pink is the desired placement. Is there anything I can do to tell iText not to put any space between the top of the highest glyphs (D and Z in this case) and the top of the ColumnText box?
Plenty of lines in my code look awfully redundant and in my opinion, this can't be the cleanest way to do things. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to create a separate function to which I can simply pass some parameters, such as string , x_Cord , y_Cord , tilt .
I am currently creating the document by creating ColumnText objects that are placed at specific coordinates. The content consists of variable data (text/barcodes/images) that is added to existing PDF documents/templates (think boiler plate). Most commonly, I have to place various sections of text in specific places.
I'm trying to get some rows of text on the left side and some on the right side. For some reason iText seems to ignore the alignment entirely.
I want to use ColumnText to wrap text in a rectangle, but I get a DocumentException .
I need to create an User guide, where I've to put the content in 2 different languages but on the same page. So the first half of the page would be in English while the second part would be in French.
I am trying to draw a rectangle around multi-line text in iText.
I'm trying to add some strings, images and tables into my pdf file (there have to be several pages) but when I try to use ColumnText , I encounter a problem. When the column height is not sufficient to add the content of the strings, the content is incomplete.
I am writing content to a PdfContentByte object directly using PdfContentByte.showTextAligned(); I'd like to know how I can stop the text overflowing a given region when writing.