Actions and annotations (iText 5)

All things interactive are discussed here. Except for forms.

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How can I make an image clickable so that an attached MS word document opens? I have some PDFs here where there are some images (an MS Word icon with the MS word file name beneath the icon) which open the attached ms word document by clicking on the images.
I have a requirement to make the annotations content read-only, to disable the options, and to change their size.
I have code to embed files into PDF. Now I want code to remove those attachments.
I am trying to add a sticky note reply to in PDF using iTextSharp. I am able to create a new annotation in the PDF, but I cannot link it as child of an already existing annotation.
I want to insert a hyperlink into an existing PDF at a position I know in advance: I already have the coordinates of a rectangle on a given page. I want to link this rectangle to another page of the same PDF (which I also know in advance).
How to target a page based on its number? For example if tje targeted page number is 6, clicking on the anchor text should take to 6th page.
I am using iTextSharp to create PDF files. Can I use iTextSharp to create a link in pdf that will allow me to launch a program?
I am struggling with attaching files to a PDF that I am generating at runtime.
How can I add javascripts to iTextsharp created textfields?
I need to set the zoom level to 75% in a PDF file using iTextSharp.