Actions and annotations (iText 7)

I would like to add a link to an existing pdf that jumps to a coordinate on another page.
I would like to add a bitmap stamp to a PDF file, that would be either printable or non-printable depending on the actual Acrobat Reader print settings.
Hi I am adding Caret annotation in already existing PDF using iTextSharp in C#. Now I want to made some changes in the Annotation properties, such as Opacity of color and Locked .
How can I create a hierarchical bookmark structure in PDF using iText?
In a PDF, I can set up a button to: Submit the FDF data to my RestAPI Redirect to a webpage (to tell user 'Thanks') and that works perfectly. But I need to do this using code..
Does anyone have a script which will change the name of the author whenever any markup such as underlining, highlighting, etc, is applied? You can do this manually through the properties box, but this is time consuming and difficult.
I am adding a SquareCircle annotation to an already existing PDF using iTextSharp in C#. Now I want to change the Fill Color annotation property, but I don't know how.
I have an existing document, onto which I would like to stamp an image at an absolute position. I am able to do this, but I would also like to make this image clickable: when a user clicks on the image I would like the PDF to go to the last page of the document.
Is anyone out there able to create a clickable annotation that has an irregular shape?
I want to add and pop-up window in a C# project to display an image and text by clicking on an annotation.