Content parsing, extraction and redaction of text (iText 7)

I am looking for a method to extract the text as well as anchor information using iText. For example: the PDF content is "You can visit our website, XYZ , and do something" where XYZ is a clickable link. The output when extracting this content should be: "You can visit our website, XYZ ( and do something".
I have a problem using iTextSharp when reading data from PDF File. What I want to achieve is to read only specific part of PDF page (I want to only retrieve Address Information, which is located at constant position).
I'm trying to extract and print English text out of a PDF on the console. Extraction is done through iText's PdfTextExtractor class. The text I'm getting is not understandable.
I have PDF file in Arabic that has text with font Type3 when I extract text using PDFBox some characters are empty and their font equals null ? I want to know what is the problem.
I would like to get the bold text present form a specific location. Would creating a new method or class called FontBasedTextExtractionStrategy instead of a simple TextExtractionStrategy help?
Is it possible to remove all text occurrences contained in a specified area of ​​a pdf document?
Is there any way to implement PDF redaction using iText? Working with the Acrobat SDK API I found that redactions also just seem to be annotations with the subtype "Redact".
In my project, I want to find co-ordinates of the images in my PDFs. I tried searching iText, but I was not succesful.
While extracting font name from PDF, I get some junk characters followed by plus sign and then the font name with font style. I want to remove the junk characters. I get those junk characters only for a few PDF file, for example: MMLPEO+RemingtonNoiseless