General questions about iText (iText 5)

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Java - Maven Take the iText code out of your project. Run the Maven command mvn dependency:purge-local-repository -DreResolve=false . Take the iText dependencies out of your pom.xml . Reference: .NET - NuGet Take the iText code out of your project. Run the NuGet Package Manager command Uninstall-Package itext7 -RemoveDependencies . Reference:...
I'm trying to print in PDF two columns of information that contain some strings that the user inputs.
I have a program that calls PdfPageLabels.getPageLabels() and PdfPageLabels.getPageLabelFormats() on the same PdfReader object. I would have expected the two calls always to return arrays of the same length, they are supposed to be the same labels. This is true most of the time, but occasionally this is NOT the case.
I'd like to execute a command to tell me how much height has been consumed thus far in the document (for the current page).
I have a sample paragraph and I am adding chunk values to it like this: p. add ( firstname ) ; p. add ( lastname ) ; p. add ( phone ) ; p. add ( login ) ; I want to make sure that firstname and lastname aren't split by a newline. When a phone number contains space characters, I don't want any newline to occur within the phone number.
Is it possible to create numbered lists without any indentation? Something like: 1 A 1-1 A_A 2 B 2-1 B_B 2-1-1 B_B_B
What might cause the following DocumentException ? com.itextpdf.text.DocumentException: No message found for
Currently I am working with the iTextSharp library to generate PDF files. These files will be processed by some file processor. This PDF file processor has some limitations with respect to the PDF filters it can use to decode the data from the file. I am very keen to know which PDF filters are used by iTextSharp to encode the data so that it can decode the data properly.
I'm using iText to sign PDF documents. I need these documents to be timestamped and LTV-enabled. I followed the instructions and used the addLtv() method. I get a PDF with 2 signatures, which is normal: the first is my own signature, the second is the document-level timestamp. However, Acrobat tells me my signature is LTV enabled, but the timestamp signature is not.
I want to log the number of documents I've processed using iText, as well as the number of bytes I've read or produced. Is there a logging mechanism that allows me to do this?