Getting Started (iText 5)

The most popular iText example is the "Hello World" example, explaining the five steps to create a PDF from scratch using iText:

// step 1
Document document = new Document();
// step 2
PdfWriter.getInstance(document, new FileOutputStream(filename));
// step 3;
// step 4
document.add(new Paragraph("Hello World!"));
// step 5

Obviously, iText is capable of doing much more than creating a PDF that shows the words "Hello World", but let's take a look at some basic questions to get started.

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I'm wondering what is the best/easiest way to design a PDF document?
I need to merge 2 paragraphs, the first is a sequence of dots, and the second is the text that I want write on dots.
I want to create a PDF file that has unequal page sizes.
I managed to set the size of the PDF document I'm creating to the size I need (~3cm x ~7cm), but the content inside the page is only using a third of the space. I need to use the whole available space.
I'm creating a PDF document consisting of text only, where all the text is the same point size and font family but each character could potentially be a different color. Everything seems to work fine, but the default space between the lines is slightly greater than I consider ideal. Is there a way to control this?
I am getting the errors that cell.setPadding , cell.setHorizontalAlignment , cell.setBorder all are not member of iTextsharp.Text.pdf.PdfPCell . Also table.setWidthPercentage(100) shows the error argument not specified parameter .
I have an Java/Java EE based application wherein I have a requirement to create PDF certificates for various services that will be provided to the users. I am looking for a way to create PDF (no need for digital certificates for now). What is the easiest and convenient way of doing that?
I use itextsharp and I need to draw a dotted line break from the left to the right of the page (100% width) but I don't know how to do this. The document always has a margin to the left and the right.
Using the DottedLineSeparator class, I am able to a draw dotted line separator. Similarly, is it possible to draw continuous hyphens like '---------------------' as separator in a PdfPCell ?
I want to display two pieces of content (it may a paragraph or text) to the left and right side on a single line.