Images (iText 5)

In this section, you'll find the questions related to raster images, such as JPG, PNG, GIF, and so on. Would you like to have these reference answers available to you at any time? Consider downloading the entire book 'The Best iText Questions on StackOverflow' for free!

I want to add a PNG image to a PDF file, but I've read that PNG files aren't supported in PDF. Does this mean that I can't use PNG files when using iText?
I know that SetListSymbol (from the ITextSharp library) expects a string as a parameter, but is it possible to use an image/icon somehow? If so, how?
I would like to create a table that has a list of dots. I don't know ahead of time how many dots I have, but if they overflow the cell, I want them to wrap, just like text would.
I am using java and iText to create a pdf. Is it possible to add a map with a pointer on it so the user will know where the starting point is?
I am generating 2D barcodes using iText API, but these barcodes are placed into the PDF document as raster images, hence reducing the quality of the barcode on low resolution printers. As a result, we're unable to scan the barcode.
I need to use the GetInstance() variant that accepts raw bitmap data, but if I call it repeatedly, even if the bitmap data is actually different, I get the first instance back instead of a new one. This is a very good feature with, for instance, path-based fixed images but not that good for on-the-fly image generation. How can I guarantee a new bitmap every time?
I have an image with large dimensions which I need to display in a PDF file. I cant scale to fit the image as this would make text on the node illegible. How could I split the image into multiple pages while retaining its original dimensions?
I want to make my background image in iText transparent.
I want to mask an image using another image, for example A.jpg should be masked with image B.jpg . But when I try to make the image B a mask, I get a DocumentException .
I'm trying to compress PDFs using iTextSharp. There are a lot of pages with color images stored as JPEGs (DCTDECODE)... so I'm converting them to black and white PNGs and replacing them in the document (the PNG is much smaller than a JPG for black and white format).