Inspect a PDF (iText 7)

I am working with a single PDF containing multiple documents. Each document has a bookmark. I need to read the bookmark names for a reconciliation application that I am building
Is there anyway of finding the border color of a specific field in my PDF? I could get AcroField.Item , but I don't see an option to get border color from there.
I have embedded a byte array into a PDF file, more specifically an AVI file in a RichMedia annotation. Now I am trying to extract that same array. How can I do this?
I am using iTextSharp for searching internal links in a PDF file. I already have code to find external links, but I don't know what to do to find internal links...
Is it possible to get the author of a free text annotation using iText? I can retrieve the /Type and /Contents , but I can't find a way to get the author.
I am using iTextSharp to analyze a form enabled PDF. I know how to navigate to the radio button control. I would like to analyze the individual radio buttons.
Requirement is to process a batch of PDFs one at a time and on success encrypt each of them with an user password. However, these PDFs were encrypted previously with randomly generated dynamic owner password (not known to any one) to prevent any edits.
I have a PDF, and I want to get the width and height of each page using iTextSharp.
In Adobe Reader, the first pages of an ebook can have page numbers in the Roman number format. I would like to read these page numbers (instead of the indexed page number) with iText.
I have a PdfReader instance that contains some pages in landscape mode and other page in portrait. I need to distinguish them to perform some operations... However, if I call the getPageSize() , the value is always the same.