Interactive forms (iText 5)

Is your form based on AcroForm technology or is it based on the XML Forms Architecture? That's a common counter-question you'll be confronted with when asking a question about forms. In any case, these answers should help you solving the most common problems with respect to forms. Would you like to have these reference answers available to you at any time? Consider downloading the entire book 'The Best iText Questions on StackOverflow' for free!

I have an existing PDF that I am filling in programmatically (C#). There are check boxes on the form that should be rendered as a check mark when selected, but instead they are visualized as a cross symbol. I don't think setting the property would have any effect as already set to this in the PDF. How can I get a check mark instead of the cross?
I know how to create a table and I know how to add a radio field using Rectangle objects that define the position of the radio buttons on the page. What I don't know, is how to make sure that these radio buttons appear inside my table.
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I have a PDF document which has AcroForm text fields. Now I want to insert a signature image in one of the those fields. I want to place an image on top of the text field position and resize the text field to match the image size.
I'am currently trying to fill out a predefined Form with itextsharp. All works well except adding an image.
I need to add a check box to an existing PDF. I also need set the export value of this check box. I saw that I can get the possible values of an existing check box by looking at the appearance dictionary ( /AP ), but I don't know how to set the export value for a new checkbox.
I have a PDF with AcroFields. Some fields are multi-line fields. I have a requirement to populate AcroFields with given text and pad any remaining space in the field with an "*" (or a predefined character/string). I can add text using iText, but don't know how to calculate the right amount of filler to add.
I can't find the maximum character limit for a text field in an AcroForm form.
Using iText, I've successfully created a document containing an empty signature field. Now I want to allow people to sign this document in Adobe Reader. I've read that I need to Reader enable my document, but I can't find how to do this using iText.
I want my PDF to have extra usage rights for people opening the document in Adobe Reader, but I can't find how to achieve this using iText.
I use iTextSharp to populate a form with data. I just learned how to format a field as a percentage. Now I need to learn how to format numbers.