Page events (iText 5)

When creating a document from scratch, iText can trigger a series of events for instance when a new page starts or ends, when a paragraph is added, and so on... Would you like to have these reference answers available to you at any time? Consider downloading the entire book 'The Best iText Questions on StackOverflow' for free!

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I am using page events to create a header that consists of a table. This table is added to each page in my document, but unfortunately, it overlaps with the rest of my content. How can I avoid this?
I am using iTextSharp to generate PDF documents, but the content of my page is overlapping with my page footer. I want the content that overlaps to move to the next page.
We want to add HTML headers and footers to a document. Currently, we have extended PdfPageEventHelper and overriden the onStartPage() and onEndPage() methods. This works fine for the first page, but it throws a RuntimeWorkerException when we get to 2+ pages.
I need to add more than one header and footer to my document. In header I want title heading on left and some text in the center. Likewise in footer I need to print my company name on the left side, the page number in the middle and some info regarding the contents in my table to the right.
I've overridden the OnEndPage event and tried to add a paragraph to the document. However, I get a System.StackOverflowException error when attempting to run the code.
I've created a Paragraph using iText. Now I have to add a border to this paragraph, not to the whole document.
I have to generate a large amount of different types of documents using the iTextSharp library, all have things in common, some have common headers, page counts, watermarks my initial thought was to have different PdfPageEventHelper subclasses.
I am trying to create a document that conforms with PDF/A-1 level A. As long as I don't introduce a header or a footer using a page event, the code works fine. However, when I introduce text that is added at an absolute position, iText throws an exception telling me that the content I'm adding isn't tagged.
I'm creating report based on client activity. I'm creating this report with the help of the iText PDF library. I want to create the first two pages with a blue background color (for product name and disclaimer notes) and the remaining pages in white (without a background color).
On Button Click, I generate 4 pages on my PDF, and I add an image to provide a background image. It works only with 1 page. When I generate a PDF that contains many records and that has several pages, the image is only added to the last page. I want to apply the background image to all of the pages.