Tables (iText 5)

The PdfPTable class is one of the most popular classes in the context of document creation. Let's take a look at some questions and answers regarding tables, rows and cells. Would you like to have these reference answers available to you at any time? Consider downloading the entire book 'The Best iText Questions on StackOverflow' for free!

Is it OK to call setMinimumSize(15) on some cells in a row, and setFixedSize(15) on the other cells of the same row?
I am trying to set border colors of table cells. No matter what I try, the border color is not changing - it's always black!
I'm using iText to dynamically generate PDF docs.I'm able to introduce bar codes with text below the bars, but how do I create bar codes with text above the bars?
How to create with Java a table with three rows as follows: First row has one cell 100% entire table width Second row has first from the left cell width 50mm, and second 20mm and third 30mm which in total is 100% of table width Third row has first from the left cell width 30mm, and second 50mm and third 10mm which in total is 90% of table width
I am generating bar codes in a table. Now I want to insert the student code under the bar code label. How can I do this?
I'm developing an app that generates PDF using iText. I have a table that has 3 rows and when this table is near the end of a page, it sometimes puts one row on one page and two rows on the next page. Is there a way to force this table to start on the next page so I can have the full table on the next page?
I have a table with vertical and horizontal lines. But I do not want horizontal line. I want only vertical lines.
I'm creating labels (as in Avery labels) using tables. Positioning of label elements requires some very tight tolerances in order to fit everything on the label. I have various zones on the label as PdfPCell s. I need to fit text into these zones with 0 wasted space. But I always seem to have extra space at the top of the cell.
I'm currently creating a system that generates a PDF. However, I can't put two or three images in a single cell.
I need to add space between two parts of a line in a PdfPCell .