Tables (iText 7)

I have a C# application that generates a PDF invoice. In this invoice is a table of items and prices. This is generated using a PdfPTable and PdfPCell s. I want to be able to right-align the price column but I cannot seem to be able to: the text always comes out left-aligned in the cell.
I want to create a table with a little headline, "Company name" for example, where the text should be a little smaller than the rest of the text. Currently I'm using cells and was wondering if I can use 2 different font sizes within the same cell?
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I am adding a table to a PDF file. I have 3 rows and 3 columns. I want the first column to appear only once as a single cell for all the rows. The result should be like where it says Deloitte in the column of company as shown in the image: Table showing desired result
I have a nest List with data (List<List >). How can I create a table that contains this data?
I am generating a PDF file from CSV using iText. I need to format the file such that the header row (which occurs in the beginning of every page) should be in a different font and color.
I have created table in a PDF document using iText. This works fine, but I don't want to add the table at the current pointer in the page, I want to add the table at the bottom.
How can I display different bar codes in multiple columns in a PDF page using iText? I have to display 12 bar codes in the same PDF page in three columns each one containing 4 bar codes (in other words it's 4 by 3 matrix).
In iText, what is the minimum height of a PdfPCell for which a given size of font text is visible?
The Java documentation for PdfPTable.getDefaultCell() reads: Gets the default PdfPCell that will be used as reference for all the addCell methods except addCell(PdfPCell) . I don't understand this.
It appears as though the PDfPCell class does have a border property on it but not the PdfPTable class. Is there some property on the PdfPTable class to set the borders of all its contained cells in one statement?