FAQ - iText 7

As the most recent iteration of the iText library, iText 7 can build on the vast expanse of documentation that exists for its predecessor and pre-empt a great number of questions from the developer communities. Below, you will find categorized answers to questions that were popular with iText 5 but answer them specifically for iText 7. Come back often to check whether new questions from the user communities have been added and answered!

FAQ iText 7

PDF in general

Slightly off-topic questions and answers on PDF files in general.

Getting started

How to get started with iText? Some basic answers to some basic questions.


When creating PDF documents, it's important to use the correct font and the correct encoding.


Having troubles with images? Read these questions and answers first.

Absolute positioning of text

Adding text using coordinates on a page can be done in different ways.

Absolute positioning of lines and shapes

Learn more about the operators and operands that are needed to construct paths, stroke lines and fill shapes.


Table is one of the most used classes in iText. Find out how to use it here.

Table events

Table is one of the most used classes in iText. Learn how to customize cells and tables

Page events

Headers, footers, watermarks are only a couple of features that can be implemented with events.

Inspect a PDF

Want to take a look under the hood of a PDF? This is where you start.

Manipulating existing PDFs

Merging, splitting, stamping existing PDFs? Learn how to do it correctly by reading these questions and answers.

Interactive forms

Did you know that there are different types of interactive forms in PDF? One type is based on AcroForm technology and another one based on XML Forms Architecture (XFA).

Actions and annotations

This section is reserved for all things interactive (except for interactive forms).

Content parsing, extraction and redaction of text

Everything you need to know if you want to extract (or even remove) content from a PDF.

General questions about iText

Every overview has a miscellaneous section. This is that section.

Legal questions

Although Stack Overflow is meant exclusively for technical questions, many developers also struggle with legal questions. We hope these answers are helpful.