Open source versions
Good news for our community of developers! We've decided to make our iText 7 add-ons pdfHTML , pdfSweep , pdfInvoice and pdfDebug open source under the AGPL license - as was already in place for iText 7 Community . You asked, and we listened. We agree that there is a lot of value in having access to add...
iText 7 Suite
Leading PDF library company iText Software is proud to announce the official launch of its new flagship product. iText 7 is the successor to the company’s successful iText 5 offering and will come with several add-ons for PDF structure inspection, non-Latin script support and digital invoicing. iText is currently used by over 5.000 companies around the world to embed PDF functionalities into various parts of their workflow. As opposed to off-the-shelf, plug-and-play PDF converters, iText provides APIs for developers to fine-tune the way they want to create or edit PDFs according to different...

4. Creating XML Invoices with iText

In chapter 1, we discussed XML standards for invoicing and we explained that ZUGFeRD is based on the Cross Industry Invoice (CII) standard and the Message User Guides (MUG) from CEN. In this chapter, we'll create a series of such invoices using iText.