iText 7 Building Blocks

Written by Bruno Lowagie, founder and original designer of the iText SDK, iText 7 Building Blocks is your comprehensive guide through iText 7's rich features and functionalities. Note that this is a book in progress: chapters are released individually on our website, but the current form of the book can be downloaded as such at an no cost by clicking on the button that leads you to the free book download.

iText 7 Jump-Start Tutorial

iText 7 is here! Our jump-start tutorial is an essential reading companion that allows you to jump right in and appreciate iText 7's innovations, improved logic and more far-reaching power. It covers iText 7's basic building blocks, how to add low-level content, using renderers and handlers, making PDFs interactive and creating PDF/A and PDF/UA documents, among other topics. Through our website, it's freely available as an eBook.

How to use and install pdfDebug

pdfDebug is iText 7's add-on that lets you debug your PDF creation process in real time. With a clear debugging overview, you can quickly locate and fix bugs in your content streams or data structure right at the source without requiring frustrating and time-consuming searches. Shedding light on your internal document structure helps improve your organization and programming skills and will make you more familiar with the logic of PDF. Best of all - you can try out pdfDebug for free.